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The recent repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) will allow states with same-sex marriage to offer federal benefits to same-sex couples. However, this will not apply to same-sex couples in domestic partnerships or civil unions because they are not legally the same as marriage.

The passage of Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act granted civil unions for same-sex and heterosexual couples in Illinois. This was legal progress for couples who either could not or did not wish to marry, but it did not award them the same federal benefits as married couples. If you are facing dissolution of a civil union, your lawyer must have the knowledge and experience to protect your interests. Please call our office at 815-261-4894 to schedule a free initial consultation with our Illinois civil union attorneys.

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Attorney Karen M. Lavin and staff welcome all people and families, including gay and lesbian individuals and families. We are happy to represent people in same-sex domestic partnerships and civil unions. Our firm provides knowledgeable, caring representation to LGBT clients in matters ranging from property division, child custody, adoption and estate planning.

If you and your partner have a civil union and are ending the relationship, we can help you with the legal aspects of the dissolution process. This may include property division, alimony, child custody and child support. If there was a domestic partnership agreement or something similar to a prenuptial agreement, we will determine how the terms will apply to your case.

Child custody can be complex for same-sex couples whether they are together or they separate. Illinois considers the partner of the birth parent in a civil union to be a parent of the child. However, in other states, a partner has no standing as a legal parent. We recommend that the other parent adopts the child to ensure that his or her rights to the child are protected in all circumstances. We can assist you with the adoption process.

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