Dying without an estate plan creates problems for your survivors and that is an unpleasant fact. Not only must they accept the emotional burdens of losing a loved one, they must also contend with the financial and legal obligations left behind. Without a clearly settled plan, issues can get muddy and divisive in probate court.

At Lavin & Parisi, Attorneys at Law, our focus is on helping you set the agenda in this difficult time so that your family can transition through the probate process simply and painlessly. That does bring the necessary question:

What Is Probate?

Probate is the legal process that transfers assets from an estate to the beneficiaries. In the case of an established estate plan, the probate process can be simple and easy. Without an estate plan in place, your assets are open to disputes after you die.

What Happens In Probate?

The probate process follows these steps:

  • The property of the deceased is collected.
  • All debts and taxes are resolved.
  • All the liquid money is collected.
  • All disputes are settled.
  • What is left is then distributed to heirs.

Illinois intestacy laws divide estates as close to equally as possible between heirs.

Can Probate Be Avoided?

If you and your family plan, you can avoid going through probate. Building that plan is something we can help you with in our consultation.

More Questions? Contact Us.

This guide is a starting place for your understanding. These basic answers by no means cover all the intricacies of probate and estate planning issues out there. One of our lawyers can and will work with you to come up with the best possible plan. Contact us today at our Crystal Lake office by emailing us through our contact form. You may also call us at 815-261-4894.