If you are experiencing physical abuse, emotional abuse or harassment, you may be able to file for an order of protection. These types of abuse between people in a current or former relationship can be prevented or stopped with the help of the court.

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Orders Of Protection Explained

An order of protection prohibits all contact between you and the abuser, including physical contact, phone calls, emails, text messages and letters. Your partner may be ordered to stay away from you and your children as well as your home, workplace and/or school. The order may also grant you temporary legal and physical custody of your children and require the abuser to pay child and/or spousal support.

Emergency And Permanent Orders

In Illinois, emergency orders of protection may be granted ex parte, which is without the judge hearing both sides. This is an important issue for victims and alleged abusers. The respondent can demand a full hearing within two days' notice. Having a lawyer to protect your rights is critical.

An emergency order can be granted for 30 days. To obtain a permanent order, there must be a court hearing. A permanent order of protection may be granted for up to two years.

Violating an order of protection is a misdemeanor criminal offense. Subsequent violations can be charged as felonies.

While many cases of domestic violence are real, we know that sometimes people make false allegations of abuse to affect the outcome of a divorce or custody case. We represent victims in cases of actual abuse and defendants who have been falsely accused.

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