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New Illinois law covers pet ownership in divorces

It is undeniable that the fate of children is the most important part of a divorce between parents. This is also why arrangements for child custody, child support and decision-making ability about how a child is raised can be the most contentious part of a divorce.

How and why do I answer a divorce petition?

Even if you are expecting it, being served with divorce papers is rarely a pleasant experience. This is especially true if a divorce service is confusing or complicated. A few pointers about the important contents of a petition can help ease tensions and help you answer it properly.

How is marital property divided in Illinois divorces?

It may be emotionally difficult to handle the end of a marriage, but there are ways of making the process easier so you can move on with your life. One of the best allies that a person can have during this time is an attorney to represent your interests.

Filing for divorce in Illinois' largest county

Once a married couple begins to experience trouble, they often go through a variety of emotions and options. Therapy is an option, as well as changing routines to see if balance and harmony return to the relationship. If these and other efforts fail, the only remaining option may be divorce.

What should you know about the big money issues in a divorce

Illinois readers know that divorce will bring significant changes to almost every area of life. From your living arrangements to your bank account, you will have to make adjustments and shifts. Dealing with the major financial issues that present themselves at the end of a marriage is a daunting task, but you may find it beneficial to learn more about how you can pursue a strong post-divorce future despite these challenges.

Considering annulment and divorce in Illinois

Ending a marriage is often a difficult and emotionally draining process. This is true if two people entered into the agreement with full hearts and clear minds. But if one or both parties were not aware or able to make the decision to marry, ending the marriage may be more complicated.

The most important terms in an Illinois divorce

Divorce is always a difficult process, especially when emotions have to be dealt with as much as joint property, retirement planning and child custody issues. Many spouses who are planning to get divorce will hire an attorney with experience in marital and divorce law to ensure their rights and privileges are protected.

Is there annulment in Illinois?

Divorce is a difficult choice to make, but sometimes a marriage was not the right choice beyond emotional and financial reasons. Occasionally, a marriage should be declared to have never existed.

Dealing with divorce in Illinois

Divorce is almost always an emotional process that divides everything from property to loyalty. Even amicable divorces can contain dangers to people's peace of mind and access to hard-earned property.

Settled swiftly and simply: Skipping the stressful divorce

Just because you know your marriage isn't working any more doesn't mean that you want a long, drawn-out, painful divorce that involves a lot of fighting. Whether you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are hoping to end your marriage on good terms and even stay friends, or whether you both simply want to get the divorce process over with as quickly and painlessly as possible, a messy divorce rarely benefits anyone.