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Celebrity chef getting divorced

Illinoisans may have heard that another celebrity marriage may be coming to an end. According to reports, Bobby Flay, a celebrity chef, and Stephanie March, one of the stars of "Law and Order: SVU," have separated and are in the process of filing for divorce.

Five tips for unwinding finances during a divorce

In even the friendliest of divorces, unwinding a relationship can be tough. It is not always as simple as parting ways. The couple will still need to catalogue and then decide on how to split their assets and debts. The greater the finances involved, the more work it will likely take to wrap up the process. To simplify the asset division process in a divorce, Illinoisans may want to consider the following post. While this is not a substitute for legal advice, it could prove helpful to those with questions on how to handle property division.

Attacking a prenuptial agreement

When high-profile Illinoisans divorce a common topic is the strength of the couple's prenuptial agreement. When done properly, these agreements, along with postnuptial agreements, can be essential for almost everyone, from business owners to stay-at-home moms to those who want to make sure they get the pet in case of a divorce.

We represent Illinoisans seeking a divorce

Getting married takes time. A couple meets, gets to know each and then gets married. Divorce takes time too. A couple decides they need to go their separate ways and then they have to disentangle their lives. That requires them to figure out how to split up the people and things in their life. This includes what to do about any children, as well as how to divide the couple's real estate, personal and intangible property. What is more, the final split must work for the couple both now and for the foreseeable future. That can be a tall order to fill.

Power couple begins divorce process, gets set to square off

Whether in Illinois or elsewhere, divorce is seldom easy. But some factors can ratchet up the difficulty level. For younger couples, the trickiness of the divorce typically centers around the couples' children. For older couples, the sticking point usually hinges on financials. The more money the couple has, the bigger the potential battle. Take, for example, the divorce of multibillion-dollar couple.

Bitcoin the next step for hiding marital assets?

As evidence by teaching plans for toddlers and young students that focus on sharing, humans may naturally want to keep their things to themselves. . And even after all the time and training at a young age, sharing does not always come naturally to some people, especially during a divorce. When that happens, these individuals may try to avoid a fair asset division by hiding assets such as real estate and other marital property.

Divorce: To litigate, or not to litigate, is often the question

Every divorce is different. Some are straightforward and calm. Others are complex and emotional. Where a divorce falls on than spectrum influences the issue of potentially taking the divorce to court in Illinois. Three questions can help sort out whether going to trial is the right approach.