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Managing child custody issues in Illinois

Breaking up a household is always a difficult choice and an arduous process. It can seem like all the worst things that can happen in life are happening all at once. Although spouses and ex-spouses can appreciate this, divorce and separation are perhaps most difficult on children.

Illinois has simplified child custody laws

If a married pair of parents get divorced, there are many considerations to deal with before the process is over. Property must be split between the two, and any prenuptial agreements must be reviewed by the couple and their attorneys. No duty is more important, however, than ensuring the welfare of children.

Illinois changes a key child support law

Nothing is more important during a divorce or separation than the best interests of a couple's children. Although there are several legal and mediating tools to determine what adults deserve, children are protected by family courts and other institutions safeguarding their rights.

Helping your kids adjust to living in 2 homes

One of the most difficult adjustments that kids have to make after their parents' break-up is moving between two houses. Whether the custody arrangement provides equal time with both parents or the majority of time with one, it can still be stressful for a child.

Preparing for a child custody battle in Illinois

Going through a divorce is tough for any couple, but when you add children into the mix, it can be downright exhausting and emotional. Parents always want what's best for their children and it goes without saying that this trait is often reflected in a child custody battle. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for a child custody battle in Illinois.

How to create a parenting plan

A parenting plan is a required part of your divorce proceeding in court. The judge will want to see the plan that you and your soon-to-be former spouse come up with for parenting your children once divorced. Here is a brief guide on creating a parenting plan for court.

You can fight for your children during a parental kidnapping case

Parents who find themselves in this situation may need special assistance to bring their children home. When a child is taken in this manner, the parent who is the victim of the crime has the right to pursue all legal avenues to bring his or her children back home. The person who took his or her children may face criminal charges and could lose his or her parental rights.

Dos and don'ts during visitation

After your divorce, a visitation schedule may be used to keep both you and your ex involved in your child's life. Research has found that this is very beneficial for the child, and it's important to remember this list of dos and don'ts.

How to seek enforcement of a child support order in Illinois

Dealing with a deadbeat parent that has once again failed to come through in paying his or her child support is frustrating. If your case is currently being handled by the Office of Support Enforcement, then they will be the ideal source for pursuing enforcement of child support. However, if you are not, then going through the court system will be necessary.