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Rights surrounding your pension following high-asset divorce

Divorce has become a common occurrence across the country today and the same can be said for high-asset divorce. A divorce is labeled as high-asset when there are significant assets being divided in the agreement. They come in the form of properties, money, investments, collections or retirement accounts.

Common mistakes to avoid in a high asset divorce

A high asset divorce can be one of the most complicated, if not stressful, types of divorces out there. Many people will never experience this type of divorce in their lifetime. Those that do will want to know common mistakes to avoid during the process in Illinois.

What should I be ready to discuss with my divorce attorney?

Divorce is never easy. Even an uncontested divorce in Illinois can become contested if a glitch develops in the negotiations over the myriad issues that must be addressed. There are obvious matters that any person considering divorce should plan to talk about with an attorney.