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You can fight for your children during a parental kidnapping case

As a parent, your worst nightmare is waking up and not being able to find your child. What's even worse is thinking that your ex, someone who you once loved, could try to take your children away from you.

Dos and don'ts during visitation

After your divorce, a visitation schedule may be used to keep both you and your ex involved in your child's life. Research has found that this is very beneficial for the child, and it's important to remember this list of dos and don'ts.

How to seek enforcement of a child support order in Illinois

Dealing with a deadbeat parent that has once again failed to come through in paying his or her child support is frustrating. If your case is currently being handled by the Office of Support Enforcement, then they will be the ideal source for pursuing enforcement of child support. However, if you are not, then going through the court system will be necessary.

Grandmother fights for child after after parents are imprisoned

Custody disputes can get more complicated than you might expect, sometimes requiring law enforcement to get involved for the sake of a child's best interests. Just such a surprising custody battle is developing in Forest Park, where the paternal grandmother of a child is petitioning the court for guardianship. The child's parents are currently being held in prison in Indonesia.

What is reasonable versus fixed visitation?

Dealing with the realities of a parenting plan can be difficult to wrap one's head around, especially if you are unfamiliar with some of the terms used in a judge's custody decree. Two terms that often cause some friction between parents working to abide by a custody agreement are "reasonable visitation" and "fixed visitation."

Father's equal court treatment is an ongoing fight

In a world that seems increasingly concerned with gender equality, there are still some areas where the pendulum swings in surprising directions. One such area is the surprising number of fathers who, despite being demonstrably capable dads, are denied fair custody privileges after a divorce.

When your child's other parent is dangerous

When a marriage dissolves, it can bring out the worst in everyone involved, flaring up negative qualities in otherwise reasonable individuals. In and of itself, this can make the process of settling child custody arrangements extremely taxing, but sometimes a parent will exhibit behavior that crosses the line between frustrating and dangerous, and even outright abusive. This necessitates a completely different kind of approach to custody arrangements. If you are in a custody arrangement with an abusive person, there is no need to enable this person to commit further abuse.

What is the Illinois Putative Father Registry?

Fatherhood is beautiful opportunity, filled with great blessings, as well as great responsibilities. Sometimes, however, the circumstances surrounding fatherhood are such that a rightful father is not recognized, and therefore may face some serious legal obstacles when attempting to interact with his child. While this can be a complex legal process, one avenue of recourse that fathers in in Illinois do have is the Illinois Putative Father Registry.

Can I modify my custody or visitation agreement?

It is possible to modify the terms of your custody or visitation agreement, depending on the nature of your need and request. In order for a court to be likely to honor your request, you will need to demonstrate the need for the change by documenting changes in your circumstances, the circumstances of your former spouse, or the circumstances of the child in question. Fortunately for your particular need, courts are generally more willing to adjust custody and visitation orders post-divorce than other kinds of requested changes to divorce agreements.