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How do I calculate child support in Illinois?

If you are a parent getting a divorce from your children's other parent, things are likely to get contentious. Most parents want the largest share of time with children, as well as a say in how children are raised and cared for during their years as minors.

Is your spouse spending money after claiming a pay reduction?

When it became clear you were headed for divorce, you began to formulate a plan for your future, especially concerning your children. Like most good parents in Illinois, you want to make sure the impact your divorce has on their lifestyle is as minimal as possible. Your financial situation has always been a struggle. On the other hand, you're thankful you've always been able to provide for your children's needs.

New Illinois law covers pet ownership in divorces

It is undeniable that the fate of children is the most important part of a divorce between parents. This is also why arrangements for child custody, child support and decision-making ability about how a child is raised can be the most contentious part of a divorce.

Federal tax code changes may affect Illinois estates

Planning the future of large and comprehensive estate after a person dies is a large responsibility, and it may seem impossible if one plans to do it on his or her own. An attorney with experience in estate planning is often a good idea to make sure that a person's wishes are properly executed after death.

How and why do I answer a divorce petition?

Even if you are expecting it, being served with divorce papers is rarely a pleasant experience. This is especially true if a divorce service is confusing or complicated. A few pointers about the important contents of a petition can help ease tensions and help you answer it properly.

New Illinois laws may help divorcing parents with child care

Divorce is always a complicated process, even in the rare occasions when it is not a particularly unpleasant event. The end of a marriage can be a relief for both parties or a contentious debate in which people disagree about the assets and property they should possess as individuals after a divorce.