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Dealing with divorce in Illinois

Divorce is almost always an emotional process that divides everything from property to loyalty. Even amicable divorces can contain dangers to people's peace of mind and access to hard-earned property.

An angry spouse can complicate divorce

Your decision to file for divorce in Illinois family court likely came at great personal cost. While you weren't sure how your spouse would take the news, you knew it was the right choice for your own peace of mind. You may have played the scenario over in your imagination, practicing the words you would use to break it to your spouse.

How to end a trust

People are allowed by law to determine the fate of their property and possessions after their death or inability to manage it. This must come as a relief to people who have spent their lives building businesses, eager to pass it on to a new generation or beloved cause. One of the best ways to manage assets is a trust.

Changes to guardianship in Illinois family law

Determining the guardian of a child in Illinois used to be a simple process. The usual reasons for decisions -- the death of a parent, financial problems or injuries that prevent a person from taking care of a child - were uncontested and the legal process was designed to make it easy on new guardians.

Illinois has simplified child custody laws

If a married pair of parents get divorced, there are many considerations to deal with before the process is over. Property must be split between the two, and any prenuptial agreements must be reviewed by the couple and their attorneys. No duty is more important, however, than ensuring the welfare of children.