July 2017 Archives

Group aims to have Equal Rights Amendment ratified in Illinois

A group of more than 200 people met at the Hyatt Place in Normal, Ohio, last week to march in support of the Equal Rights Amendment that has yet to be ratified in the state. The event was created and run by the ERA Illinois Coalition of Bloomington-Normal.

Helping your kids adjust to living in 2 homes

One of the most difficult adjustments that kids have to make after their parents' break-up is moving between two houses. Whether the custody arrangement provides equal time with both parents or the majority of time with one, it can still be stressful for a child.

What should I talk about prior to marriage with my partner?

Couples heading for marriage in Illinois should discuss a host of different topics prior to saying their vows. Marriage is not an easy venture, even for the most romantic couples that love to communicate well with each other. So, what should you talk about with your partner prior to marriage?

Rights surrounding your pension following high-asset divorce

Divorce has become a common occurrence across the country today and the same can be said for high-asset divorce. A divorce is labeled as high-asset when there are significant assets being divided in the agreement. They come in the form of properties, money, investments, collections or retirement accounts.

The honor and duty of being executor of a will

Someone you know has just named you to be the executor of his or her will. Maybe it was a parent or sibling, an old friend or someone from work who has no family and considers you trustworthy. As much of an honor as this may seem, administering an estate is also an incredible responsibility.

Reasons for updating your estate planning documents

Estate planning is an important part of life, one that many put off until it is too late. For those who have planned ahead and have created an estate plan, there are certain times in life when these documents should be updated. We will discuss those reasons and their importance in today's post.