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Get help from a child custody lawyer

For Illinois parents, few issues are tougher when parents part than child custody. The stakes are high. Both parents love their child and want to spend time with them. But time is finite. If one parent is spending time with the child, the other parent is not. The zero-sum nature makes negotiation over a mutually satisfactory child-custody arrangement challenging in the best of times and downright impossible when divorces or separations get messy.

Some divorces go faster than others

Normally, when Illinoisans read about divorce or talk to their friends and family about it, a common refrain is that the process is long, messy and expensive. Often that sentiment is correct. Many divorces center on couples who can no longer work constructively together to sort through difficult issues like alimony, child custody and property division. That makes sense. After all, the inability to function together is a typical symptom of a couple seeking to part ways. But not every divorce has to crawl forward, racking up fees along the way.

How does standard of living factor into alimony?

When Illinoisans get divorced, the process is more than just physically separating. It is a separation of two lives previously wound into one. The unwinding of that bond is seldom easy or simple. It involves resolving a gamut of issues, including whether one spouse should continue to financially support the other and, if so, how much support that spouse should provide. This concept is known as alimony or spousal support.

What divorce does and does not do

Deciding to divorce is a big step, a decision with life-altering ripples. Before making that decision, Illinoisans should consider what divorce can do for them and, just as importantly, what it cannot do. Doing so will better arm them to decide whether to go through the emotion and expense of the process.