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Tori Spelling's husband behind on past marriage child support

Bringing a child into the world is an awesome responsibility. A life is in constant need of support from his or her parents. Because of that dependency, Illinois law requires parents to support their children, even after the parent's marriage has come to a close. When a former spouse does not live up their obligation, the custodial parent can seek the court system's help in ensuring that the former spouse follows through.

Federal government's role in child-support enforcement

Having a child can be wonderful thing. It can bring joy, exhilaration and a legacy. But it also provides many new, significant responsibilities. One responsibility is financial--paying for food, clothing, shelter and so much more. When those elements mix with split parenting, the resulting brew can be contentious.

Should parents who owe back child support go to jail?

Paying child support is important. When Illinois parents fail to do so, they may face a variety of legal consequences. The biggest arrow in the quiver of consequences is jail. But is that arrow fair? And, even if it is fair, should it be used?

Protecting personal information during divorce

During marriage, Illinoisans interweave their lives with their spouses. That means joint financial accounts and often sharing of social-media accounts. When the marriage is going well that trust can be a benefit. But when the marriage goes south, that trust can be a source of serious harm.