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Should couples plan their wedding and divorce at the same time?

When couples get engaged, the last thing on their mind is the end of their marriage. After all, thinking about divorce during an engagement is not romantic. However, just because it is not romantic does not mean that is not a good idea. Indeed, drafting a prenuptial agreement may make the marriage stronger.

Another state strikes same-sex marriage ban

Many Illinoisans have been watching as the issue of same-sex marriage has come up in the courts of several other states. The first step came with the United States Supreme Court case United States v. Windsor, which ruled that same-sex couples are entitled to equal treatment in some circumstances. That decision has sparked a new round of litigation in state courts.

As economy goes up, so does the divorce rate

In recent years, news reports in Illinois and elsewhere have highlighted a slowing divorce rate. This shift represented a reversal from years of increasing divorce rates. The national divorce retreated from the 50 percent rate for the first time in years. While the shrinking divorce rate represented a positive sign during an otherwise dark economic times, a new study suggests a link between divorce and the state of the economy.