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Many women lose healthcare post-divorce

Married couples enjoy many cost-efficiencies. A shared residence, buying food in bulk and tax breaks, for example. But when a married couple divorces, the efficiencies evaporate, meaning each spouse's cost-of-living will escalate. When developing a support plan, these couples need to consider the economic consequences that come from the end of these efficiencies.

Disabled parents often have to fight for child custody

According to a report from the National Council on Disability, a federal agency, disabled parents all over the country are having difficulty exercising their right to raise their own children. For example, a mother in Chicago had to fight for 18 months to retain custody of her son because she was quadriplegic. One couple had their infant daughter taken away by the state two days after birth, not because they had done anything to demonstrate they should lose child custody, but because they were both blind.