September 2012 Archives

Court issues temporary child custody order to celebrity mother

Those going through separation or divorce in Illinois know that it can be an emotional and trying ordeal. Acting out of frustration, however, can make things even more difficult. Two estranged reality TV stars are finding this out during their own divorce proceedings after the wife accused her husband of choking one of their children.

Judge threatened contempt unless man filed bankruptcy in divorce

When a divorce occurs, it can be difficult to balance the interests of the two parties. Property division can be especially tricky. In one ongoing case, an Illinois judge has ordered the husband to declare bankruptcy in order to protect the assets to which the wife is entitled.

Illinois assembly members file brief against gay marriage suit

Eleven Republican and Democratic members of the Illinois General Assembly have taken a stance against same-sex marriage. Headed by Republican Senator Kirk Dillard of Westmont and Democratic Senator Bill Haine of Alton, the group of politicians filed an amicus curiae brief in defense of the current Illinois statutory definition of marriage as being between a husband and wife. The brief was filed in a case brought by the American Civil Liberties Union and Lambda Legal. The suit challenges the state's prohibition on same sex partner marriages, arguing that the ban is illegal under the Illinois constitution.

In divorce involving children, compromise is key for parents

Readers in Illinois who have been divorced, or know someone who has ended their marriage, understand that sometimes even couples who begin their separation as a friendly split can become bitterly divided when it comes to issues involving their children. These aspects of family law that must be resolved when a marriage ends can bring out the most contentious parts of a person's character.