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Employer allegedly steals child support payments from employees

Many children rely on child support payments to meet their basic financial needs. Without these payments, their parents could often not provide basic necessities, including medical care and shelter, for the children. Therefore, Illinois family law courts take the collection of child support very seriously.

Insurance benefits extended to same sex partners

Non-married couples are often left out of many programs that provide financial incentives to married couples -- even when the couple is in a committed relationship. This is especially true for same sex couples even though in many cases same sex partners are unable to legally marry. For example, a same sex couple cannot file joint federal taxes and take advantage of the reduced tax rates.

Unassisted amicable divorces can lead to financial mistakes

A breakup of a marriage can be a stressful process. There are many decisions that need to be made before a divorce in Illinois can be finalized. With child custody, alimony and property division to consider, it is easy for people to feel overwhelmed during divorce proceedings.