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Is staying married for the kids really in their best interests?

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If you are considering divorce, there may be a multitude of factors that might influence your decisions. If you have kids, chances are, you probably consider them to be a top priority, and you might wonder how the end of a marriage will affect them.

No matter how you handle the situation, your kids may have trouble understanding or accepting the news of divorce, even if only temporarily. You and the other parent might wish to shield them from all harm, which could lead you to wonder if staying together for their sake could be the best option.

Considering annulment and divorce in Illinois

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Ending a marriage is often a difficult and emotionally draining process. This is true if two people entered into the agreement with full hearts and clear minds. But if one or both parties were not aware or able to make the decision to marry, ending the marriage may be more complicated.

Illinois law allows for a marriage to be declared invalid, or annulled. This is different than applying for a divorce, which ends a valid marriage. Annulment declares that the state and other entities should treat the marriage as if it was not valid in the first place.

The basics of estate planning

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Estate planning is a difficult process, in which we often face a lot of fears common to all humanity and fears that are often felt by the main earners in families. It is hard enough to confront the prospect of the end of life, but it is also difficult to ensure that our loved ones will be safe in the future.

The biggest mistake that estate planners make is to not plan at all. In the event that a person dies intestate -- the Illinois legal term for not having a legal will -- the government may get an outsized share of a person's property after death.

The most important terms in an Illinois divorce

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Divorce is always a difficult process, especially when emotions have to be dealt with as much as joint property, retirement planning and child custody issues. Many spouses who are planning to get divorce will hire an attorney with experience in marital and divorce law to ensure their rights and privileges are protected.

One of the most common complications in the process of navigating the end of a marriage is the new language that comes in play. Legal terms are designed to be as clear as possible about expectations for the parties involved, but some terms are not clear to those not as familiar with divorce law.

Managing child custody issues in Illinois

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Breaking up a household is always a difficult choice and an arduous process. It can seem like all the worst things that can happen in life are happening all at once. Although spouses and ex-spouses can appreciate this, divorce and separation are perhaps most difficult on children.

Children of a divorcing couple occupy a strange place in the process. They have limited choices compared to adults in the process of divorce, although their well-being is one of the most common reasons that Illinois family courts will get involved in one.

Managing estate planning in Illinois

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It is never an easy task to plan for the end of life, but the process can provide a surprising amount of peace of mind for the makers of wills and their family members. The right path for estate planning can ensure a personal legacy for generations to come.

There is no substitute for professional legal assistance when you are considering how personal assets will be organized in an estate. An attorney will be familiar with the federal and Illinois state guidelines, taxes and restrictions on estate property.

Is there annulment in Illinois?

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Divorce is a difficult choice to make, but sometimes a marriage was not the right choice beyond emotional and financial reasons. Occasionally, a marriage should be declared to have never existed.

The process of declaring a marriage void is commonly known as annulment, with a legal parallel in Illinois.

Estate tax may challenge larger assets in a will

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Preparing for the end of life is always a difficult process, with many emotional challenges for people writing wills as well as their loved ones. One of the most complicated aspects of end-of-life planning is often how to deal with the product of a lifetime of work.

People generally have a high degree of freedom when it comes to deciding who receives their assets and property when a will is executed after death. Those dealing with larger estates, especially if they include active investments or public trusts, may also be concerned about the amount of money claimed by federal and state governments in taxes and fees.

Dealing with divorce in Illinois

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Divorce is almost always an emotional process that divides everything from property to loyalty. Even amicable divorces can contain dangers to people's peace of mind and access to hard-earned property.

Although it is a complicated process, divorce -- or dissolution in the pages of Illinois law -- can be navigated by individuals to financial, emotional and mental safety a variety of ways. Legal representation for spouses as they prepare to file for divorce is one of the most common ways.

An angry spouse can complicate divorce

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Your decision to file for divorce in Illinois family court likely came at great personal cost. While you weren't sure how your spouse would take the news, you knew it was the right choice for your own peace of mind. You may have played the scenario over in your imagination, practicing the words you would use to break it to your spouse.

However, if you already know your spouse is prone to reacting to negative situations with irrational outbursts, the thought of dealing with such behavior throughout divorce proceedings is likely something you are dreading. In fact, your spouse's anger issues may be part of your reasons for deciding to end the marriage. Nevertheless, you may wonder how to deal with this over the next few months.